Echale Papas is a video installation showing the absurdity of constrained movement and the struggle for freedom.
At the video a figure lying on the ground appears, dam unable to move, trying to dance a tientos choreography by tangos.
It is a metaphor for the oppression that flamenco undergoes when it gets empty of the feeling.
In its globalization, flamenco has become one more standard product, to trade with.
This reduces, for example, the grace of impersonal dance choreographies that are learned worldwide with more or less success.
Echale Papas, is yelled to remind the importance of getting the best out of yourself.
The potato, as a principal food, is the cornerstone of traditional Spanish cuisine, and an important source of energy.
This Jaleo is used in flamenco to cheer on and empower the artist.
The potato, as a symbol of the earth and of love in our culture, brings us back to memories of the family united around the dinner table or in a „fiesta flamenco", echándole papas.