This works reflects on travelling as an exercise of crossing borders.

Each work explores the depth of the landscape, the subjective portrait built from within, from memory, from the affective ties

which strengthen social bonds.

There is a reflection about identity in the idea of the distance, that could be feeled strongerly as big as it is.

Time allows the possibility to go deeper into the space, the landscape, the portrait, like a perspective transformation element.

This artwork presents a combination of ideas from different places, even different periods, and also common concepts such as

identity and memory.

From personal unknowns emerge the fragmented images that open the possibility of being.

In Romanticism, artists reflected distance with reality, the filters through which landscape is seen. Here there is a clash

between melancholy and irony.

The clear space is an empty space that integrates the work in its context. The flow of the medium or the physical location from 

which it is viewed results in an unpredictable perspective. The window is the threshold through which, according to Sartre one is

„looking forward to prestige, shame, fear or utopia“. An imaginable space is also a possible one.